Key Benefits for School Districts

With the growing recognition of the benefits of early college education, Rutgers designed REaCH to give school districts and community organizations the capacity they would not otherwise have to offer their students a rigorous ‘early college’ learning experience. Thus:

  • A REaCH course is inexpensive, easy to replicate and can be launched quickly, generally within a matter of weeks.
  • REaCH is flexible in terms of scheduling and has been offered during school hours, as an after school program, as a weekend program, and as a summer program.
  • REaCH is flexible in terms of format and, based on the needs of the partnering organization, has been offered as a 1.5 credit mini-course with 20 hours of instruction; a standard 3 credit course with 40 hours of instruction; or an extended 6 credit course with eighty hours of instruction.
  • REaCH is adaptable with regard to curriculum: the humanities texts, topics, and themes comprising a specific REaCH course can vary based on the needs and interests of a school district, high school or community organization.